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Zamira's Flying Veils

Weighted Veils

Zamira's Flying Veils

Photography � Lainie Cambria

Weighted Veils are usually grouped with poi. Poi are a variety of dancers' props held in the hands and 'swung' through the air to create lovely shapes and images around the dancer. There are fire poi, veil poi, flag poi, fan poi, streamer poi, etc.

Weighted veils have been around for many years but are now experiencing new popularity in the Belly Dance world. They can be used almost anywhere safely and can even be used where ceiling height is as low as 10 feet which makes them more adaptable than many other types of poi.

Creatively choosing fabrics and embellishments can make weighted veils extremely dramatic. They add a dynamic and exciting addition to your favourite dance.

I feel I've come up with the best method of making weighted veils that are beautiful, durable and with weights that stay in place.

Swallowtail Weighted Veils: this stunning design adds extra drama and flair to your dance. By special order only... please contact Zamira to discuss your custom needs.

Call or email to discuss details of fabric choices.

Prices vary based on fabric, style and embellishments. Most veils can be made, using your fabric, for $60-100.


In this workshop you will receive instruction on all the techniques and skills required to use weighted veils in your favourite choreography. From basic movements to complex combinations, incorporating dance movement with the dynamic movement of the veils. Weighted veils are rapidly becoming the prop of choice for many dancers wishing to add a dramatic layer to their dance with a new visual element.

If you would like to schedule a weighted veils class/workshop for a group please contact me to book a date and discuss rates. Workshop locations must have minimum 10 foot ceiling height. Duration is 2-3 hours (depending on interest).

NEXT WORKSHOP will be scheduled based on interest expressed. Private lessons also available.

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Location: Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues Street, Ottawa

Parking available off-street. OCTranspo buses # 1 and #9 stop within 1 block

For registration and information contact Zamira:

Call or email

Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi) Zamira Weighted Veils (poi)

Photography Lainie Cambria