Gailene Green (Zamira)
Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 797-4068


Commissioned Works


Any object can be transformed into a beautiful work of art and I have painted or embellished a wide variety of objects. From a pair of leather clogs to the Paradise Island Sivanada Ashram's ice cream freezer. Indoor wall murals and specialty paint treatments in your home or office will bring joy into your life and the lives of all who see it. Ceilings, walls, floors, furniture and other furnishings are great 'canvases' for creating.


Painting from your existing photos can be done or photo studies for paintings.

Clothing/Fabric Art:

Costume design for dancers, performers, roll play or for special occassions are also a form of art and I have many years of experience creating fabulous costumes and props.

You can also view photos of costume items for sale and examples of my work on Flickr Things I Make and Sell

You can view photos of recent Weighted Veils in stock on Flickr Weighted Veils For Sale

Please visit The Veiled Eye Facebook group and page for ongoing activities and updates

Give me a call or send your idea by email and we'll discuss your needs and desires to enhance your world with art.

Shade's Headdress - Gailene Green Ashram Freezer - Gailene Green Lynn Shoes - Gailene Green