Gailene Green (Zamira)
Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 797-4068

Zamira's Belly Dancing

Private Lessons and Tutoring

Zamira Belly Dance Performance

Zamira provides lessons or tutoring. Whether it is for one person or for a small group, lessons can be given at any level, beginner, intermediate or specialty.

Zamira teaches weighted veil techniques (Zamira's Flying Veils) and also makes custom weighted veils to suit your costumes.


Steampunk Belly Fusion for all levels
Want to try something new and different? Combine favourite techniques and combinations from Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion and Theatrical freestyle with the aesthetics of Steampunk style and music that invokes a steamier adventure through time and space. This class is suitable for all levels of dancers with previous Belly Dance and/or Tribal Fusion dance skills. Basic posture, technique and movement will be reviewed depending on class need.

As an active member of Steampunk Ottawa and Steampunk Canada Zamira has been infusing her own dance style with the sights and sounds of Steampunk for over 5 years. You too can learn to incorporate Steampunk style into your performance to create a mood or tell a story on stage.

Theatrical Dance
Dance is all about telling a story, setting a mood and bringing the audience along on a journey.
In this Workshop you will learn the techniques and ways of adding to your dance to make it more evocative giving your audience a fuller experience and leaving them with a deeper understanding of the dance.

RATES - effective 2016 January 1 (taxes icluded)
Private tutoring ($55/hour for 1 participant)
Small groups ($90/hour for 2-5 participants)
Classes and workshops are offered in my home studio in Leslie Park
For more information or to book your class contact Zamira