Gailene Green (Zamira)
Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 797-4068

Zamira's Belly Dancing

A Brief Dancography

Zamira Belly Dance Performance

Photography by Lainie Cambria

I have always loved dancing and took my first dance lessons at the age of 4. Throughout my life I have been a dancer. A dance performance in a high school play at the age of 15 solidified my love of dance. Discovering dance clubs in my mid-teens opened up great opportunities to become lost in the moment and dance all night on dance floors everywhere I went. I am still a dancaholic who takes any opportunity to dance. I started taking classes in Jazz styles and modern dance and did a short run with a troupe as a dancer.

In 1999 I started Belly Dance classes and quickly discovered the "Goddess of Dance" within. My first performance was a duet with a friend which was the start of a new way of looking at myself. Now, as a soloist, I feel great joy with each and every performance.

Lessons with my first teacher, Halyma, continued for several years, while taking classes with Hala & Safiya and, later, Safiya & Anna. I have participated in many workshops to improve technique and explore different styles from a variety of teachers. Tribal Fusion classes with Leslie and various Tribal Fusion workshops in Ottawa have added new dimension to my style. There is always so much more to learn and I will continue to develop my style and technique. In early 2010 I created my own style of dance 'Steampunk Belly Fusion'. It combines some traditional Belly Dance, Tribal Dance and other dance techniques with the music and aesthetic of Steampunk.

In early 2005 I was invited to join Halyma's Belly Dancing For Fun!!! Dancers and have enjoyed going out with the troupe and other dance groups to perform for adoring crowds at several fundraisers and events in and around Ottawa. Every year you can see me performing at several events such as The Weekend to End Women's Cancer, Emily's Run, National Capital Run Weekends, The National Women's Show, Oceanfire's Urban Cabarets, Super Ex, Sexapalooza and more.

In the Spring of 2006, I started teaching Belly Dance to students at all levels and of all ages. Currently, I am teaching Beginner Belly Dance and Steampunk Belly Fusion Dance to all dancers interested in this fun new style. There are 2 opportunities each year for my students to perform a choreography they learn in class. Classes, workshops and private lessons are held at various locations in the Ottawa area and other communities. For more class info please refer to the Class Schedule, Zamira's Belly Fusion Classes

With a strong and extensive art and fashion background, I enjoy designing and making costumes, headpieces and accessories for my own performances and for other dancers. My custom Weighted Veils, Zamira's Flying Veils, have been a great success and they are now being sold and shipped to performers all over North America. New designs for Weighted Veils include the NEW and popular Swallowtail design and weighted semi-circle veils. You can sign up for one of my Weighted Veils Workshops or contact me to have a Workshop at your location.

You can view photos of Weighted Veils in stock on Flickr Weighted Veils For Sale

You can also view photos of other costume items for sale and examples of my work on Flickr Things I Make and Sell